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Aladdin’s tasty ass in a very big trouble

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Are you ready for an exciting nude gay cartoons featuring famous characters of Disney’s cartoons? Here we go! Today nasty princess Jasmine wanna play the leading part and she wanna be a fucker and puts on a strap-on. Yes, exactly! Aladdin’s tasty ass is in a very bid trouble but he is not going to argue with his girlfriend even if after that amazing ass fucking he’ll go gay. So he obediently spreads his legs and lets Jasmine to stick her strap-on deeply inside his tight asshole. And he loves the feeling when the strap-on begins moving inside intensively! Come on! Go ahead to enjoy more exciting gay drawings!

Aladdin, Sultan and Genie in a hot gay threesome toon scene

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When beautiful Princess Jasmine is not in the castle nasty Aladdin and his friend Genie know exactly how to entertain themselves and to satisfy their Sultan. They all know that gay sex is just great and when they don’t have a juicy pussy to fuck they just have fun sucking and fucking each other. Doing threesome sex they just can’t stop fucking. While Sultan and Genie are giving a blowjob to each other in 69 position slutty Aladding is banging Genie’s tight asshole!

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Slutty Sultan from Alladin cartoon tortures the Vizier

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While Aladdin was away Sultan got to know that the Vizier wanted to betray him. So Sultan ordered to arrest the Vizier and to punish him. But at first he wanted to torture the Vizier himself. And to entertain himself as well. So the slutty Sultan ordered to tie the Vizier’s hands and to bends him over. Then Sultan took a stick in his hands and drilled the Vizier’s asshole with that stick making the tied man scream with pain and pleasure.

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